Student Reviews

Student Reviews:

Summer Music Clinic 2022 University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • "Great teacher!"

  • "Dr. Therrell was very relaxed and insightful, he made everything interesting."

  • "Very good technique teacher with good explanations."

  • "Dr. Therrell helped me improve as a cello player and bond with my section."

  • "I learned tons of new techniques to improve my playing."

  • "Technique class was incredibly challenging, yet fascinating for me. I’m used to hearing he same things over and over again, but Dr. Therrell really showed me new perspectives, and practices that I definitely won’t forget, and will continue doing. Technique class was honestly one of my favorite classes of the day."

  • "Dr. Therrell was great at challenging our thinking, perfecting our technique, and smoothing out the bumps -- as well as feeling like someone who you're comfortable with."

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